Permanent Exhibition

The concept created for this exhibition illustrates a close relationship between objects and space. The Casa Torreada of Barbosa Aranha is a property classified as being of public interest, an urban manor-house without a cellar, or other agricultural attachments. Thus, these objects associated with wine production never existed in this manor house. This was the first ‘non-relationship’ that was found and so we come upon the entrapment of those objects.

The design of the permanent exhibition reflects these same objects that are trapped inside wood cores.

The design of the core recreates some elements found in the agricultural world, such as the stairs and the trellises. Thus we walk along the exhibition route under a wooden structure. Wood is the main element because most of the parts are made of wood and because it is the raw material most often used in wine production.

The themes are essentially three: the history of Vinho Verde over time, which is inserted in the first room with the use of interactive equipment, challenging the visitor to discover more about the Region. The second theme deals with all the winemaking process, from the time the vine branches are planted to the transporting of the wine and its marketing. Finally, in the third room special focus is given to certification and promotion, demonstrating the importance of the demarcated region and regulating bodies so that this product is now widely and internationally recognized for its quality.

The permanent exhibition tells a story, with functioning unique and singular pieces.

Come and discover it!