Temporary Exhibitions

Art'In Lima | 30th of june até 30th of September / 2019

ART’IN LIMA is a cultural project promoted by the Municipality of Ponte de Lima which, following other previous projects, aims to atract the contemporary artistic production to this ancient portuguese village.

It brings together artists from different origins, both from Portugal and abroad, who represent new movements and artistic trends, create innovative concepts and exhibit their works in historic monuments and museums of Ponte de Lima.

More information at: http://artinlima.com/

Latest exhibitions:

Lethes Art
1th of July to 30th of September / 2018

The LETHES ART project fosters creating and exhibiting contemporary works of art from national and foreign artists within the scope of architecture, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, photography, illustration, installation art, poetry and vídeo.

Various historical buildings in the town as well as museum spaces will exhibit works depicting "Mapping out Cultures”, the chosen theme for the second edition of the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art.

More information at: www.lethesartpontedelima.com

"Historical Homes and Wines of Excellence: Paços Manor and the House of Capitão-mor" 
15th December 2017 to 30th May 2018

In this exhibition, the highlight is the wine which has been produced for more than 500 years at Paços Manor, located in Barcelos, and at the House of Capitão-Mor, in Monção, and has won several awards of great prestige since 1877, when Paços Manor’s wine received one of the first international awards attributed to wines from the Vinhos Verdes’ Region in Philadelphia.

Currently, the family and properties are represented by Maria do Carmo Azevedo da Fonseca Matos Graça and by José Bento da Silva Ramos.

It is the first edition of a series of exhibitions aimed at edifying the homes and manors whose history has always been linked to the production of Vinho Verde of excellence.

Lethes Art
1th of July to 30th of September / 2017

"LETHES-ART is an artistic project to promote the creation and exhibition of contemporary artworks of national and international Artists in several venues of the village of Ponte de Lima, in the north of Portugal.

The project aims at enhancing and facilitating communication between contemporary national and international artworks and historical buildings and places of the medieval village, as well as between the contemporary plural artistic discourse, artists and the artistic perception of intercultural audiences.

The Curator’s concern is to enable this intercultural dialogue among artists, artworks and exhibition Places with History, in this village." Isabel Patim, The Curator

"The region of the Vinhos Verdes: its authenticity seen through the eyes of Egídio Santos
” | 
18th of May to 30th of June / 2017

This exhibition stems from the challenge launched by the Regional Viticulture Commission of Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV) at the renowned image reporter Egídio Santos to capture some of the details of the Vinho Verde Region, in a journey that results from the gathering of images of the imposing green landscapes of the Minho region, of faces marked by work, of the signs of time in the vineyards, the unmistakable fauna and flora and pure green grapes, which begins with dedication and ends with taste testing.

"This exhibition illustrates the Vinho Verde region at its most authentic in more than thirty images and under the surgical eye of one of the biggest names in contemporary photography." - Manuel Pinheiro, President of CVRVV.

ART-MAP "Re-knowledge: Art as visual knowledge" |
July 1st to August 30th / 2016

The village of Ponte de Lima will welcome a large, contemporary art exhibition. Between July and August the ART_MAP project will invade the Historical Center and various facilities of the oldest Village of Portugal. It is an initiative of artistic interest that reveals various works of writers and artists of different nationalities and places them in dialogue with people of different small and medium-sized Portuguese cities through a collective art exhibition circuit in the monuments, museums or galleries of the village as well as a patent gallery in the aforementioned project internet site.

The Vinho Verde Interpretation and Promotion Center is the municipal space that will host this exhibition.

The proposed theme for the ART-MAP Ponte de Lima in 2016 is "Re-Knowledge: Art as visual knowledge", and within the option for 'concept' available online, the proposed topics for further exploration are accessible, as well as other information, such as local legends and traditions, or information about the exhibition venues to be used, consolidating the dialogue between cultures that it aims to promote.

The Wine in "Vaca das Cordas": from Pagan ritual to Christian cult | 4th of March to 15th of June / 2016

Wine has been a part of local society for many centuries, in its daily routines, in the work in the fields and in the festivals and traditions. 

This exhibition shows the tradition of the Vaca das Cordas (the running of the stringed cow) and the community that has made it last until today. A cow, a bull or even an ox, the animal is a symbol of great value.

On the eve of Corpus Christi, a special celebration, there is the continued tradition of the running of the "bulls" in Ponte de Lima, a Christian festival with a fruitful pagan performance and where the wine would flow in the taverns, ether for pure adrenaline or in order to find the courage to face the bulls.