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ART-MAP 2016

01 July 2016
ART-MAP 2016 'Re-Knowledge: art as a visual knowledge'
The Village of Ponte de Lima will host a large exhibition of Contemporary Art. The inauguration is scheduled for Friday, July 1, at 6:00 pm, beginning at the Pereiras Chapel. The Regional Director of North Culture, António Manuel Torres da Ponte will be the guest of honour.

Between July and August the ART-MAP project invades the Historical Center and several spaces of the oldest village of Portugal. It is an initiative of artistic interest that aims to disseminate various works of writers and artists of different nationalities and put them in dialogue with the population through a circuit of collective art exhibitions in the monuments, museums or galleries of this locality and a patent gallery on the internet portal of the aforementioned project.

The Municipality of Ponte de Lima opens the doors of its heritage to the initiative that has a selection of about 300 works of 140 artists from several countries: Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Croatia, the United States, Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Canada, Peru, Denmark, Brazil, Israel, and Macedonia.

The exhibition is open from 1st of July to the 30th of August, in several historical buildings: Paços do Concelho, Fernando Pessoa University - Casa da Garrida, Pereiras Chapel, Museum of Third Order, CIPVV (Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde) CIPT (Center for Interpretation and Promotion of the Territory - Rural Museum), Portuguese Toy Museum, Municipal Library and Municipal Archive. Several commercial spaces have joined the initiative, such as bakeries, restaurants and hotels, opening their doors to the exhibition of contemporary works of art.

Visitors will be offered a roadmap of the event with reference to the various buildings and places of exhibition of the works of art. In this itinerary you will find the map of the village and information related to the opening hours of each exhibition site. On the other hand, the Catalogue of the Exhibition presents itself as object of construction / deconstruction of concepts and cultures.

More information on this mobile curatorial project is available at, where you can also visit works already submitted to the 2016 contest, continuously updated in the Virtual Gallery of the project.


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