Regulatory Norms

The Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde (CIPVV), located in Ponte de Lima, is an integral part of this museum and has free transit within the exhibition circuit.

The Tasting Room functions for organized / sensorial and guided tastings according to a pre-defined schedule and by the Center itself or by an assigned entity. 
1. Brands and Sales

a) The Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde (C.I.P.V.V.) will have its brand for wine tastings..

b) The Center will promote the sale of producers / bottlers from the Vinho Verde region who adhere to the project and in accordance with these standards.

c) The Center should, whenever possible, have references of white wines, red wines, rosé wines, and sparkling wines.

2. Conditions for the sale of wine in the CIPVV

a) Only brands with a guarantee seal assigned by the CRVV will be accepted.

b) Upon acceptance, the producer / bottler will provide 3 referenced bottles for tasting at the time of application.
c) Sales will be undertaken by way of a consignment system (payment up to 90 days or return of registered goods for sale) in a number to be agreed upon with the producer.

d) The sale price in the CIPVV should be 10% below the lowest referenced on the market, and after having discounted the VAT, otherwise it will be removed from the Tasting Room.

e) The purchase price for the producer / bottler should have a negotiable deduction on the retail price in the CIPVV. 

f) Wine that is below € 3 per bottle on the market will not be accepted.

g) The transport will be the responsibility of the producer / bottler who will deliver any orders within a maximum period of 48 hours.

h) The producer / bottler will endeavor to send the respective technical data sheets with the wines.

i) The registration may not exceed two references per category, per producer / bottler, except in duly justified situations and previously analyzed by the Evidence Committee. 

3. Advantages for producers / bottlers who are partners in the project

a) Free promotion on the website of the Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde (CIPVV);

b) Promotion of producers in Displax, available in the CIPVV and accessible to all visitors; here you can exhibit all the information of your brand;

c) Organization and / or presentation of products in the Tower Room, during open hours to the public, or in the Tasting Room when closed to the public, with free access to all Tasting equipment, namely: glasses, spittoon, champagne and / or frappes, ice and / or air conditioning of the wine (requires prior appointment and subject to availability);

d) Presentation of the brand in the Wine Charter and dissemination to journalists of the specialty and included in other promotional articles produced by the CIPVV;

e) Free entry for the producer / bottler.

Note: If the total number of references entered exceeds a limit of 500, the CIPVV reserves the right to use a rotation system.

4. Rental of spaces

a) Applies to all those who are not partners of the project, after prior appointment and approval by the management of the CIPVV;

b) Prices in accordance with the normal working hours of the CIPVV:

a. Full day or specific time not coinciding with schedule open to the public: € 50;

b. Half day or less: € 30.

c) The prices include access to all tasting equipment, namely: glasses, spittoons, champagne and / or frappes, ice and / or air conditioning of the wine. This also includes a screen, a projector and internet access, as long as duly requested.

Download Rules for the Sale of Wine