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27 January 2017
WINE IN TIMES OF WAR The Dão, the Douro and the vinho verde in the Photographs of Alvão House
The presentation of the book "Wine in Times of War - O Dão, Douro and Vinhos Verdes in the photographs of Alvão House will be held at the CIPVV - Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde tomorrow, January 27 at 6:30 p.m. "

This work includes a part of the important collections of photographs of Alvão House preserved in the CVRVV - Viticulture Commission of the Vinhos Verdes Region, the Dão Regional Wine Commission and the Douro and Porto Wine Institute. This collection was edited by Adriano Miranda and is completed with texts by António Barreto and Manuel Carvalho.

The CIPVV - Center for Interpretation and Promotion of Vinho Verde, is installed in the Casa Barbosa Aranha, in the Historic Center, a space invigorated in a joint partnership between the Municipality of Ponte de Lima and the CVRVV, a comprehensive structure that incorporates elements alluding to the diversity and identity of the nine sub-regions in which the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region is currently subdivided, with a view to promoting wine and disseminating wine heritage.
In this context, we invite you to attend this presentation.